Fantastic! You two sing with one voice, and it is the voice of pure love." ” - Barry McGuire, recording artist made famous as the writer of 'Eve of Destruction'
Bellingham, Washington has been keeping secrets. Coming out of the Northwest is a sound easily fits into the mountains of the Appalachian homeland where the music of Cabin Fever NW was birthed. The duo, Dianne Bochsler and Tara Caldwell, blend a love for mountain music, musical chops to match their influences and a knack for weaving contemporary themes into the story lines. This is music of the heart. Imagine Simon and Garfunkel singing with Carter Family’s devotion.” - Danny McCloskey

— The Alternate Root

"I'd have to brag on this recording; a lot of my friends are playing along with these gals. Absolutely wonderful singers, great harmony combination, great pickin'. I loved it!" 

-Wayne Henderson, Luthier, Recording Artist

"Excellent! You are my favorite of all the winners. (You capture) the simplicity of JJ Cale, the cleverness of Lennon/McCartney and the vocal tightness of Simon & Garfunkle. I went around humming your song for days. You are the real deal with a lot of personality!" 

-Gary Allen, The Music City Beat

"Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous."   -Tom May, River City Folk (NPR)

Your show was fantastic. I didn't want it to ever end. Held me captivated every song! Listening to the new CD. WOW! A fine fine work of art...fantastic musicianship, tasty arrangements, great production, excellent songwriting...Congratulations to all of you!”

— fan mail

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