I would call your genre "beautiful music"! Wave after wave of beauty just washed over me throughout your concert! I loved every moment!”

— fan mail

I smiled so much that my TMJ stopped hurting! Your concert produced as many endorphins as childbirth!”

— fan mail

Last year when I bought all your CDs, I realized it was the soundtrack of my life! ”

— fan mail

Your show was fantastic, by the way. I didn't want it to ever end. Held me captivated every song! Listening to the new CD. WOW! A fine fine work of art...fantastic musicianship, tasty arrangements, great production, excellent songwriting...Congratulations to all of you!”

— fan mail

You are the best group we've heard at this house concert series! Your voices, your harmonies, your songwriting, your playing...it was all fantastic and we are so glad we came to hear you!”

— fan

I am just loving your album! You guys are in fine vocal form, the instrumentation and playing are top notch, arrangements are spot-on. You should be really proud of this. And by the way "Rock Bottom Sideways" rocks (no pun intended)!.”

— fan mail

“An amazing artist! You should do concerts and make more songs and albums, I would buy them all! Even if it bankrupts me!” “Very clever songwriting. Lyrics paint a very vividly detailed story in my mind's eye and allow me to stay engaged throughout the entire song. Each track is evenly balanced allowing the primo musicianship (and songwriting) to grab the spotlight. I would certainly like to hear more from this band. PS- hook line is stuck in my head! can't stop singing Rockbottom Sideways! Love it!” “A fantastic upbeat sound that makes me want to go and have a good time with my friends.” “Great vocal tone, inspiring lyrics, feel good vibe. Talented all the way to the top!” “Exceptional lyrics, attractive and rich vocals, memorable and catchy, excellent production, expressive arrangement, impressive and enjoyable.” “You have your own personality and that is something that is rare to come by these days. Great job, man, I like the vibe that you are conveying to your listeners. I'm sure you will be big one day if you keep up the momentum. You got what it takes.” “Some songs just reach out and invite the listener in with a smooth intro and melody--this is just such a song. I love the vocals! Rich in tone and well controlled. Lyrics paint a colorful story on my brain and let me stay engaged.” “The guitar solo is just electrifying and could last forever if you asked me.” “ The guitar introduction in the beginning along with the soft female county singer voice had me hooked. The female vocals were so angelic. Her vibrato was amazing. The harmonizing was amazing. The drums were just perfect, and the topic of the song wasn't the typical country song you would expect to hear. Really enjoyed this.” “I love a classic tune! This artist has a beautiful voice and sings so naturally. There is no having to try with her. The lyrics are excellent and will cling to my brain for a long while. Always, the guitarist wins my heart. The guitar solo was the best part of the song and its notes are held strong throughout the entire song. Great job!” “Rich and distinctive lyrics that actually felt real, they are clever and deep and very thought provoking.” “Rockbottom Sideways has that perfect country feel right from the start. It was a great ride from beginning to end. The head vocalists voice is absolutely stunning. She catches your attention immediately and does not let it go throughout the entire song. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone who loves that classic country feel.” “The entire production just sounded perfect.” “This song just gave me life I really like it. It has a great feel makes you want to get up a line dance or just move whatever way sways you. The lyrics are real they have real emotion its great. This song is a breath of fresh air there is nothing I would change at all!!” “Can I please hear more??” “Lyrics are extremely creative and original.” “Wow! A very "feel-good" vibe that almost anyone could enjoy. Very uplifting and folk-y. Reminded me of Janis Joplin, and doesn't just absolutely love Janis? The lyrics really hit home and I believe that everyone could relate to them. Upon listening to the track I immediately fell in love and just wanted to dance. I can't wait to here more from them.” “Set the bar very high! I love the upbeat and country like style, grabbing my attention from the start. I would rate this song 10/10 for lyrics, 9/10 for instrumentals, and 11/10 for the great vocalists.” “Loved it. The production is incredible. I can hear every instrument evenly and they don't over power the vocalists. Harmonies are gorgeous and the whole thing seems as if it could have been recorded in one take, it's flawless.” “I can see myself singing along with friends. I'm extremely fond of the harmonization of the two voices. Lyrically amazing. Gives the listener a feeling of familiarity, and pure joy.” “The lyrics are fantastic. Great energy in the music.” “They make me feel like I am drifting along on a raft singing with friends and families.” “This arrangement was so beautiful. It had a crisp clean country feeling to it. The vocal was so impeccably beautiful. The vocal was clean cut, pure and loving. The high pitch notes were carried out lovely. The harmonizing was so beautiful, it bought tears to my eyes. Everything about this recording says hit.””

— Crowd Reviews - This Night That Lasted Days

I wanted to thank you for your appearance and your kindness at the festival. My wife and I were so pleased to see y’all and we are definitely fans for life! I doubt you remember as I’m sure you were overrun with fans but I’m the old softy who told you the story of his brother in Afghanistan and his wife and kids at home in Washington State. You were so kind to sign your CD to them and I’m so happy to tell you that his homecoming is scheduled for 16-18 July and we are really looking forward to welcoming him home. I am this very evening putting your CD in an envelope addressed to the with a letter telling them the story of our meeting you and how much we think of you. I also have my earphones in and I’m listening to your music as I write this. Best regards (and y’all have harmonies that really work for us!), Steve and Gwen H” - Steve and Gwen H

— fan letter

Fantastic! You two sing with one voice, and it is the voice of pure love." - Barry McGuire, recording artist Excellent! You are my favorite of all the winners. (You capture) the simplicity of JJ Cale, the cleverness of Lennon/McCartney and the vocal tightness of Simon & Garfunkle tight. I went around humming "Give Me That Kiss" for days. You are the real deal with a lot of personality!" -Gary Allen, The Music City Beat

 STAY AWHILE WITH ME is my pick to win the Grammy for Best New Folk Recording of 2010." -Kate Power, recording artist 

 You've captured lightening in a bottle. You really have." -Ed Johnson, Producer I'd have to brag on this recording; a lot of my friends are playing along with these gals. Absolutely wonderful singers, great harmony combination, great pickin'. I loved it!" -Wayne Henderson, Luthier, Recording Artist Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous." -Tom May, River City Folk (NPR) Smooth like a ribbon of taffy, sexy like summer rain and down-home dirty like a homestead porch, worn in just right.”  “You sound like when my two favorite flavors of ice-cream melt together. Yummy.” “Outrageously beautiful.” “Smokey, smooth, rich, buttery, honey-wrap-me-up-in-the-warmth perfect!”
“Like a lullaby, a love song, a comfort and strength all at once.”

 “Your music is a sultry shiraz with hints of malbec. Timeless.”

 “You are both amazing… as people keep saying: magical.””
Bellingham, Washington has been keeping secrets. Coming out of the Northwest is a sound easily fits into the mountains of the Appalachian homeland where the music of Cabin Fever NW was birthed. The duo, Dianne Bochsler and Tara Caldwell, blend a love for mountain music, musical chops to match their influences and a knack for weaving contemporary themes into the story lines. The combination works great on ‘The Door Is Always Open’. Tales of love and loss, leaving and coming back home and social topics such as crime and punishment coexist over the bright joy of the backing instrumentation. Girl Power gets a mountain makeover on ‘Yellow Mustang’, our free download. This is music of the heart. No flash and very accessible. The band not only calls Washington home but claims its territory as its touring base across the Pacific Northwest. The pain of losing children to school was solved when the two met on their sons’ first day of pre-school. That was twelve years ago and Cabin Fever NW is still going strong. ‘The Door Is Always Open’ is the band third album. It mixes originals and traditional songs in a good balance. Imagine Simon and Garfunkel singing with Carter Family’s devotion.” - Danny McCloskey

— The Alternate Root

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