Off to Montana

Cabin Fever NW
Clay Hepburn


Off to Montana by Clay Hepburn Crossin the border at the break of dawn Heading south to Coffee Creek Will we make it by the closing of the day Eggs and bacon in a greasy spoon, hittin’ bars along the way Motels all filled, there was no place to stay CHORUS We were off to Montana to throw the Hoolianne Maybe rope ourselves a dogie for short pay Well he ain’t got a horse still he does the best he can In a Ford V8 he’ll ride the range all day He’d come upon a rancher’s gate, barbed wire blocked the way He’d drive on through then close the gate behind hin We’d see some cattle lowing in a coulee down below Find a muddy draw and park out on its rim CHORUS Horizon was so far, the sky it was so big He’d stretch out on the hood there of the car Mama smoking cigarettes and I was in the back But Daddy stayed outside to count the stars We’d wake up the next morning and I see him standing there Sage brush blowin’, a tear was droppin’ with a sigh I said, “What’s the matter Daddy” he just looked at me and grinned Said I got a little something in my eye CHORUS Years have passed so quick, that old cowboy he’s long gone And those trips down to Montana we’d abide I finally understand it was Montana in his eye Hope he made it back to take that one last ride CHORUS X2