Can We Start Again

Cabin Fever NW
Dianne Bochsler, BMI


Our love was strong at the start, but you’ve let go my heart I’m the farthest thing from your mind The spark that once lit your eyes, like an ember that dies Leaves an empty cold place behind Chorus: When love falls to pieces, is it the end? When love fall to pieces can we start again? First a moment lingers on, then a night is too long Once you held me in your arms the whole day through Once your lips were kissing mine, now it’s so hard to find The love that brought me ever closer to you Chorus It’s been a long, lonely while since I lived for your smile And for some time now all my secrets have been told You sleep beside me every night, should I give up the fight I thought I’d love you ‘til we both grew old Chorus (repeats)